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Bison Trawl Doors are designed by John Ashworth and manufactured by Bison Engineering Ltd.

John Ashworth

Bison Trawl Doors.

Bison Engineering commenced operations on the 7th. April 2014, taking over from Edwin Ashworth Marine Ltd, on the semi-retirement of the Bison Trawl door designer, John Ashworth, who remains with the new Company as technical advisor.

Bison Engineering is owned by the Staff of the past engineering side of Edwin Ashworth Marine Ltd., Andrew Appleby and Yusuf Mohamed, the other side being an auctioneering business, under the name of Ryedale Auctioneers and operated by John Ashworth's son – Angus.

The Bison trawl door is unique in it's design, as there is no standard list, other than a guide to sizes, as each pair of doors is designed and manufactured to suit the required application. The variation is enormous, but essential for successful fishing. It is this single facility that stands the Bison design out from others.

The Characteristics of the Bison Trawl Door are as follows:

  • Extremely efficient – less drag load.
  • Holds the sea-bed at all times, without damaging the seabed, even though lighter than other designs.
  • Perform well in poor weather.
  • Easy to operate and handle.
  • When set-up correctly will go over any ground.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Excellent backup service based on practical knowledge.

The history of Bison Trawl doors

Although Bison trawl doors were designed solely by John Ashworth from an original concept, their development was co-operation on an International scale.

During the mid to late eighties the assistance of the Marine Laboratory, Aberdeen was invaluable in the full sized underwater filming off the west coast of Scotland. The Laboratory produced some of the finest underwater footage ever produced and can be found on YouTube through our Canadian Agents, Crimond Enterprises.- Bison Trawl Doors Click for Video ... (This footage does not show the latest rigging system)

The first Skipper John went to sea with was Colin Newby from Bridlington Yorkshire, on the M/V Karianda, but it was Skipper Bill Messruther from Scarborough, just up the coast, that persuaded and encouraged John to design and manufacture trawl doors, and over several years carried out the testing on his trawler “Success”.

Further trials and assistance came from Ireland, especially Greencastle, Co. Donegal, Ritchie Duthie from Scotland, David Tait, in Nova Scotia, Canada, Bob Taber from Rhode Island USA, Pedro Garitoander from Spain, Asiaco from Reykjavik, Iceland, and later Bjorn Hansen, Norway, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. All have helped develop the Bison door, of which John has visited and worked on their local fleets forever gaining experience, along with other counties in the world.

This knowledge and experience covers fishing in very shallow to deep water. Using long sweeps or attaching the doors to the wing end. Single, double, or treble rigs. Different ground conditions and tidal areas.

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